Neutral Trading

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What is Neutral Trading?

 Neutral  Trading is the art of taking profits from the markets on a consistent basis.

 Neutral Trading  does not specialize in any one area. Like, the construction trade, Neutral Trading is “jack of all markets and master of none”.

The only thing Neutral Trading masters  is taking profits.

 Neutral Trading involves all markets such as stock, options and the foreign exchange markets.

 Neutral Trading holds stock positions on the long side as well as the short side at the same time.  Profits are taken as they appear.  Loses are held and put to work until they produce a profit, at which time the trade is exited. Holding a loss is not a liability, but it is an asset in disguise. Several Neutral Trading strategies depend on the account holding losing positions.

 The stock postions are insured with the Options world.

Neutral Trading leverages it's money three times.  One set of money will make three sets of profits, on the scalping of stocks, on options and on back yard-forex.

 Neutral Trading is 100% psychology and is all about the balance of positions and not direction.

 Neutral Trading is non technical and does not reliy on complicated charting system.



 No home work, no looking for the next best stock to buy and no news or company fundamentals. Neutral Trading only trades one stock taking profits on the up and down side over and over again.

 Neutral Trading has strategies that forces the markets to spit out profits.

 Neutral trading  characteristics and strategies consists of combining  all styles of trading, investing, day trading, swing trading and high frequency trading  as well as being a market maker. 


 Why Mentoring / Coaching is Needed

Like all high income earners, the learning curve involves enormous amount of time and money to produce the defined goal. Trading is no different. It requires dedication and desire to succeed. Most wannabe traders think that by reading a book or  searching the internet , or self taught from mistakes, will help them to make it as a trader.  Eighty percent will loss money and not make it as a trader.  If you have no coaching, you will just make the same mistakes over and over again, because most do not have a  plan or strategy.  Most starts off as traders, then when things go wrong, they quickly turn into investors.  All I can say is “remember Nortel”.  The most important in the learning curve is a coach and mentor. Why reinvent the wheel.  Neutral Trading is the “Next Generation Trading Style”. Totally , unheard of, backwards, and unique. Neutral Trading is not a silver bullet to ward away losses.  But if executed as practiced, it becomes a gold bullet to profits.  Neutral Trading is as close to the holy grail as any system will ever get.





 I am not a licensed teacher or educator.  I am not a licensed stock advisor  or anybody in the position to give stock advice.   I am telling my story of how I got out of my stock market losses.  All my words are for pure inspiration and entertainment only. One can lose most or all of one's money when being involved with the markets. Do your due diligence and research before atempting any of my Neutral Trading ways. My performance may not be your performance. Always consult a licensed financial advisor before entering the markets.




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