Neutral Trading

Neutral Trading at the World Money Show Vancouver BC Canada

Speaker Details

Sunny Wong
active neutral trader
mentor and coach

Sunny Wong is just an ordinary guy that, like many people, lost money when the 2000 tech bubble burst. However, as a result of losing $250K and winning a great depression for himself, he accidentally found a formula for success in the markets. He calls his simple, no-analysis, unique style "neutral trading." He took his account from 30K to 300K within 30 months and it continues to grow. During the recent US debt-limit debate while the world markets were plunging and many were losing money, Mr. Wong was making large gains, one week averaging over $10K per day. He will be sharing his inspiring story and methodology for all to hear. Mr. Wong has a "jack of all trades" background in the construction industry and is proving that anyone can have success in the markets with the right system. Back to the MoneyShow by popular demand, Sunny will be trading live in the Neutral Trading booth inside the exhibit hall throughout the show.

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Link to photos from last years money show.